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Ingrid & Isabel The Bella Band - Everyday

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We sell a ton of Bella Bands. They are a pregnancy must-have and a mom-to-be essential!

The Bella Band is a seamless knit band you wear at your waistline, over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants, over slightly big maternity pants, or around the waistband of any maternity style that falls down around your hips.

The Bella Band holds your pants up, disguising bulky unfastened closures or excessive fabric creating a smooth belly surface. Now, no one has to know your pants are undone or loose.
New stay-put silicone strip provides extra hold at the hip
New longer length for extra coverage and flexability
Wear throughout and after pregnancy
Ultra-soft, seamless knit construction
Designed to expand and recover

Wear the Bella Band concealed, or let it peek out from under your top for that hip, layered look. If your top rises, it looks like a t-shirt or camisole -- not a funky mechanism to expand your waistband or hold up your pants.

Trying to choose between two BellaBand sizes?

Not so surprising. Some women are adverse to a snug fit during pregnancy while others want that tighter fit for support or the feeling of being "held in." Think about what will work for you.

If you want a snug fit, go with the smaller of the two sizes you are considering. If the idea of something snug is unappealing, but you still need to hold up your pants, try the larger size.

One size should last you throughout your entire pregnancy.