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SOLD OUT BG & Co Birthing Hospital Gown Nursing Night Gown - Nightie-Night Black


The BG Birthing Gown reveals the true beauty of pregnancy while remaining fully functioning for your medical staff. You will be more comfortable and look great for visitors and treasured photos alike. The BG birthing gown is comfortable and well fitting. It was created by a nurse, designed for women, and made in the USA. The Bg birthing gown is a wrap style made of soft jersey. The stretch fabric gives the soon-to-be-mom the freedom to move and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat and give birth. The Birthingown wraps around the body and ties closed at the empire waist, never again to reveal what she doesn't want the public to see. This is not a disposable gown, it will become your favorite nursing sleepwear at home too. NEW Features Include:
- Armhole with new stretch thread and stitch technology creating more support and a snugger fit.
- Complete Velcro re-design: By moving the Velcro opening upwards to the shoulder crest, the opening is no longer visible. And now the Velcro serves as a pull down instead of a pull up, making breastfeeding access even easier than before. This feature is also necessary in a birthing gown so that hospital staff can place an IV line if needed.
- The “PadPocket”! It is a hidden pocket within the lining of the bodice for discreet breast pad placement.
- A thinner, more elegant strap at the shoulders!
- Indulgent, soft, luxurious fabric
- Baby fine velcro at the shoulders
- Wrap-dress style – one size fits most
- Full coverage… front and back