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SOLD OUT Anew Pouchless Couture Cinch Wrap Wrap-Post Pregnancy Compression Corset


The Cinch Wrap - Loved by celebs including Angelina Jolie, Amy Poehler, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Garner and more!

A unique patent-pending abdominal wrap design that allows you to regain your healthy waistline naturally and comfortably with a single wrap. The Cinch comes in a nude color and in 2 Sizes: XS-M (26in- 34in) & L-XL (33in- 43in)

Internal measuring tape to track progress as your tummy sheds baby weight. This Pouchless style allows for a more hidden look under clothing. Side zipper allows for ease of wear. Elastic bands in the front and back help with extra support. Compact and light. Comfortable enough to be worn for hours at one time.

Fabric: Moisture control with anion fabric. Outer fabric: 60% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Additional Features:
360 degree Support
The only tummy wrap that “Truly focuses on the Tummy” by tightening all the abdominal muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching with double side wings.

Luxurious Feel
Light Weight and Comfortable. It can be worn day or night (work, play, relax & exercise) The material is state of art. The elastic wings do not lose its stretch. Our high performance Velcro that does not stick to your clothes.

Adjustable Panels that Shrink with You
Cinch slims with your Waist Line with just One Wrap! Its unique patent pending dual front panels is adjustable to your slimming waistline. You don’t need to get another wrap when you shed the inches. Comes in 2 Sizes: XS-M (26in- 34in) & L-XL (33in- 43in)

Built-In Measurement Guide
Has motivational inner measurement reference so You Can See Your Results. This motivates and boost Self Confidence. “Happy Healthy Moms foster Happy Babies”

Anion Technology For Circulation
Moisture absorbent and breathable inner lining with Anion to promote better circulation