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International Shipping Information

International Shipping

International orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail (6-10 business day delivery) or First Class Mail (delivery time varies by destination). Shipping charges are based on the weight of the package.

Custom Charges, Taxes and Duty Fees may be charged by the destination country. Please note that in some countries these charges can be anywhere between 10-50% of the price of the goods that you've purchased. If you opt to refuse the delivery because of the customs fees, you will still be charged for the original shipping amount as well as return shipping and any customers charges incurred with the transaction. We recommend that either you contact the local customs office for specifics. This number can be found in your local phone book.

Customs, duties and other fees assessed by the destination country for an item and the recipient of the shipment is the only one who can pay the customs fees. All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and assessment of duties, taxes, and fees in accordance with that country's national laws. Customs duties and taxes are assessed, generally, if the item sent is dutiable and if the value of the item is above the threshold set by the country's laws. Each country assesses customs, duties, and taxes.

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