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Jules & Jim

Jules & Jim
Jules & Jim

Jules likes seeing his pregnant in wife in sexy outfits. Jim prefers the classic, refined look for maternity clothes. Together Jules and Jim make up a line of maternity clothing in tune with new trends, always comfortable and stylish. All the clothes in the collection are entirely designed and produced by the Canadian fashion industry's Jules et Jim. If you love simple, elegant maternity clothes, you'll love the designs created by Jules & Jim!
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itemId=jules-and-jim-color-block-maternity-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Blue||~|size=Small||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Color Block Maternity Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=102|~|priceReg=102|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Color Block Maternity Dress
This above knee dress features flattering color blocking, capped sleeves and above knee length. The front of the neckline is high while the back of the neckline scoops down low. Pull over style with lots of stretch.
65% rayon, 30% nylon, 5% spandex
Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.
itemId=jules-and-jim-two-tone-knit-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Navy|Blue|Charcoal|Grey||~|size=Extra Small|Small|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Two Tone Knit Sweater Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=89|~|priceReg=133|~|priceSale=89|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Two Tone Knit Sweater Dress
This versatile piece can be worn with tights as a short dress or with leggings as a long tunic. Super soft cable knit with a stylish two tone color palette.
70% Polyester 30% Acrylic
Made in Canada
Delicate wash/Lay flat to dry
Regular price:$133.00
Sale price:$89.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-slim-cut-maternity-career-pants|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Black||~|size=Small||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Slim Cut Maternity Career Pants|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=111|~|priceReg=111|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Slim Cut Maternity Career Pants
These easy wearing pants are just as comfortable as your favorite leggings but are made of a heavier weight knit with a slim (but not too tight) fit. The comfortable knit waistband cradles your belly white the back pocket help define your shape.
Pants:25% Polyester 40% Rayon 30% Nylon 5% Spandex
Waistband:95% Rayon 5% Spandex
Hand wash/Lay flat to dry
itemId=jules-and-jim-maternity-cable-knit-pocket-sweater|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Navy||~|size=Extra Small|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Maternity Cable Knit Pocket Sweater|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69|~|priceReg=93|~|priceSale=69|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Maternity Cable Knit Pocket Sweater
This piece is great for maternity and it works well post pregnancy too! Wear it over a cami in moderate weather or layer over a turtle neck for colder temperatures. The short sleeved cable knit sweater has functional pockets in front and a loose draped neckline.
70% Polyester 30% Acrylic
Delicate Wash/Lay flat to dry
Regular price:$93.00
Sale price:$69.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-fitted-pleather-trim-maternity-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Black||~|size=Extra Small|Medium|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Fitted Pleather Trim Maternity Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=133|~|priceReg=133|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Fitted Pleather Trim Maternity Dress
A little bit edgy yet still totally office appropriate...this dress is anything but ordinary! The jersey dress is accented with faux leather on the capped sleeves and decorative chest pocket. The faux leather skinny tie belt is included to complete the look.
Dress:80% Polyester 18% Rayon 2% Spandex
Trim: 55% Polyurethane 45% Polyester
itemId=jules-and-jim-maternity-pocket-sweater-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Navy||~|size=Extra Small|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Maternity Pocket Sweater Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=122|~|priceReg=122|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Maternity Pocket Sweater Dress
Luxury knit sweater dress with a cowl neck, capped sleeves and a fabric tie. Two pockets in the front and an office appropriate knee length. This dress can easily be layered over a turtleneck in cold weather or worn over a slip in moderate temperatures.
67% Polyester 31% Viscose 2% Spandex
Dry Clean
itemId=jules-and-jim-straight-leg-career-maternity-pants|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Black||~|size=Extra Small|Small|Medium|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Straight Leg Career Maternity Pants|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79|~|priceReg=109|~|priceSale=79|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Straight Leg Career Maternity Pants
Classically tailored pants with a straight leg and flat front. Stretchy waistband dips down to cradle your belly. Simple decorative welt pockets in the back. While these pants are ideal for the office, they also work for an evening out or a sophisticated alternative to denim on the weekend.
Pants:78% Polyester 19% Rayon 3% Spandex
Waistband:95% Rayon 5% Spandex
Delicate wash/Lay flat to dry
Regular price:$109.00
Sale price:$79.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-button-maternity-sweater-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Charcoal|Grey||~|size=Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Button Shoulder Maternity Sweater Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79|~|priceReg=122|~|priceSale=79|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Button Shoulder Maternity Sweater Dress
This beautifully made sweater dress is crafted from super soft finely knit fabric and is lined with a comfortable rayon knit. Both shoulders and the sleeve cuffs are adorned with decorative buttons. Above the knee length with elbow length sleeves.
Sweater knit is 95% Polyester 5% spandex
Lining is 95% Rayon 5% Spandex
Regular price:$122.00
Sale price:$79.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-harris-chevron-maternity-sweater-dress|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Grey||~|size=Extra Small|Small||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Harris Chevron Maternity Sweater Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=124|~|priceReg=124|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Harris Chevron Maternity Sweater Dress
The detailed chevron textured pattern knit into this lightweight sweater dress is very flattering to the pregnant shape. You'll want to layer this over a slip for coverage (not included) and it can be worn with or without a belt (not included). Just above knee length with elbow sleeves.
100% polyester
itemId=jules-and-jim-prada-maternity-pants|~|priceRange=1|~|color=White|Black||~|size=Extra Small|Small|Medium|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Prada Maternity Pants|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69|~|priceReg=80|~|priceSale=69|~|image=|~|image2=|~|bannertextthumbnail=MORE COLORS
This is Jules and Jim's signature pant and they are perfect for any occasion. Soft jersey waistband with a 33 inch inseam and bengaline fabric with a 4 way stretch.

Waist band is 73% Rayon/27% Cotton/3% Spandex
Pants are 96% Rayon/4% Spandex
Regular price:$80.00
Sale price:$69.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-knit-maternity-leggings|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Black|Brown|Olive||~|size=Extra Small|Small|Medium|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Knit Maternity Leggings|~|brand=Jules and Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=71|~|priceReg=71|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Knit Maternity Leggings
Every pregnant mama needs a great pair of leggings and these ones are versatile enough to be worn with a sweater and boots, under a dress, or with a cute belted tunic and flats. The leggings feature a built in panel for under your bump that comes up to mid-waist.


Gentle wash, cold water, no bleach, flat dry
itemId=jules-and-jim-classic-tailored-maternity-suit-jacket|~|priceRange=1|~|color=White|Off White|Grey|Charcoal|Black|Beige|Khaki||~|size=Medium|Large|Extra Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Classic Tailored Maternity Suit Jacket|~|brand=Jules and Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=129|~|priceReg=178|~|priceSale=129|~|image=|~|image2=|~|bannertextthumbnail=MORE COLORS
The Classic Tailored Suit Jacket is high quality career piece that matches perfectly with the Perfect Fitted Pants or Above the Knee Pencil Maternity Skirt to create the ideal professional maternity business ensemble. Single button allows for tummy growth throughout pregnancy. Details include faux breast and hip pockets, full interior lining, lightly padded shoulders and decorative back waist button tab. For a different look, wear with a career dress or roll up the sleeves and wear with your favorite maternity jeans.

62% Polyester, 32% Rayon, 6% Spandex; Lining 100% Acetate

Dry Clean only

Made in Canada
Regular price:$178.00
Sale price:$129.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-perfect-fitted-career-maternity-pants|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Khaki|Beige|Charcoal||~|size=Medium|Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Perfect Fitted Career Maternity Pants|~|brand=Jules and Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59|~|priceReg=87|~|priceSale=59|~|image=|~|image2=|~|bannertextthumbnail=MORE COLORS
Classic business pant that matches perfectly with the Classic Tailored Maternity Suit Jacket to create a professional office ensemble. Straight leg pants, fit true to size and extremely popular. Comfortable stretch waistband ensures a perfect fit during every stage of pregnancy.

62% POLYESTER 32% RAYON 6% SPANDEX Machine washable Cold water No bleach Hang to dry
Regular price:$87.00
Sale price:$59.00
itemId=jules-and-jim-above-the-knee-maternity-pencil-skirt|~|priceRange=1|~|color=White|Off White|Grey|Charcoal|Black|Beige|Khaki||~|size=Small|Medium|Large|Extra Large||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules And Jim Above The Knee Maternity Pencil Skirt|~|brand=Jules and Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=87|~|priceReg=87|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules And Jim Above The Knee Maternity Pencil Skirt
Classic pencil skirt for suiting or as a stand-alone maternity wardrobe staple. This beautifully crafted skirt features a comfortable and stretchy waistband that ensures the perfect fit in any stage of pregnancy, back kick pleat for easy walking and it is fully lined. Matches perfectly with the Classic Tailored Suit Jacket by Jules and Jim.

Delicate wash, lay flat to dry.

95% Rayon, 5% Spandex, lining 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Made in Canada
itemId=stmadrbyjuji|~|priceRange=1|~|color=Brown||~|size=Small|Medium||~|orderable=T|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Jules & Jim Strapless Maternity Dress|~|brand=Jules And Jim|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=128|~|priceReg=128|~|priceSale=|~|image=|~|image2=|~|
Jules & Jim Strapless Maternity Dress
Welcome to the jungle! Sport a little attitude in this strapless dress, wild woman. The smocked top creates a comfortable and custom fit, while the loose and light bottom is great for warmer tuhobobufices. For a bonus look, slide the dress down around the belly for a long skirt!

Cotton/spandex. Machine wash cold.
Sleek and stylish, Jules and Jim is maternity brand that all expecting mothers will love. This designer maternity clothes line specializes in simple and elegant maternity styles that are perfect for the office, a night out on the town, or an upcoming special event. Designed in Canada by Jules et Jim maternity clothes.