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SOLD OUT Puj Tub -The Soft Foldable Baby Bath Tub - White


As seen on The Rachel Ray Show and Ellen!! Click on Video tab to see more!

The Puj tub Infant Bath Tub is a soft tub you can use in a standard bathroom sink, making bath-time a lot more enjoyable (and drier!). Designed to make bath-time quick and easy, the Puj tub stores flat, cradles baby and dries quickly.

Perfect for new mom to have on hand when she brings your little bundle home from the hospital. Plus, it's Patent Pending design allows for easy set up, bathing, clean up, and storage.

Here's how it works:

Cradles and Protects.
Bathing a slippery baby in a traditional baby bath tub can be extremely challenging. You're forced to hold the baby with just one arm and use the other arm to bathe. Using the Puj Tub, your baby is supported in an upright position, allowing you to bathe using both hands--with no help from your spouse!

Comforts and Calms.
The super soft flexible material wraps around their delicate body, protecting their skin from any cold surface.

Not only does the Puj Tub protect your baby, but it also keeps them insulated and warm. It is even approved by the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

No more leaning over!
If you have ever bathed a baby in any other tub you will instantly realize how amazing this new way to bathe baby is. If this is your first baby, consider your life especially blessed because you will now be able to bathe your baby just like you would want to. You will never know the pain of the old way of doing things. Your mom might even call you spoiled. But hey, you've heard that before!

Easier after Caesarean births.
Be gentle on yourself. This is the 21st century. There is no need to kneel down on the floor and stress your new stitches. Take it slowly and the Puj baby bath tub will help you keep your baby clean just after childbirth.

Grandma loves it.
Grandma has already put in her time. The 'ol knees don't have the same bend they used to. Don't put them through any more pain. Grandma needs one at her house for when you and your sisters bring the grandkids over.

Its So Easy!
This is the most common feedback puj gets. Moms and Dads are astounded at how simple it is to give baby a bath.

Bath Time in No Time.
The Puj Tub is the easiest baby bath tub to set up, take down, and put away. No longer will you wonder, "where do I put this giant plastic tub before and after the baths?"
Easy to use, easy to bathe, and very easy to store. Moms in all sizes of homes love the space saving and time saving benefits of the Puj Tub

The Puj Tub is a super light baby bath tub that weighs in at less than 1 lb. This makes your job that much easier when you are trying to get everything set for your bath.