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Body After Baby Sienna C-Section Recovery Compression Garment

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Specifically designed for use after a C-Section delivery, the Sienna provides compression support, stability and comfort during the healing period. The Sienna features a seamless lower-abdominal support panel that provides the correct support and compression to protect and stabilize the incision site and surrounding abdominal structures during the healing process. Additional support panels around the lower back provide core stability and increase comfort. Designed with no direct seams over the C-section incision site, the Sienna is intended for immediate use after a C-Section birth to help you recover in comfort, promote wound healing, and support your body during the daily activities of motherhood.


Anatomical Support Panels (ASP)
Seamless support panel in the lower abdomen
Side zipper to assist with application
Lightweight and breathable MicroNet fabric
Antimicrobial cotton lined crotch
Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps


Stabilizes and protects the C-section incision
Compression promotes incision healing and scar reduction
Lower Abdominal and Lower back support
Promotes circulation and reduces swelling
Improves posture by stabilizing core

Sizes Waist... Hips... Pre-Preg Pant Size
1...... 25-26... 35-36... 0
2...... 27-29... 37-39... 2-4
3...... 30-32... 40-42... 6-8
4...... 33-35... 43-45... 10-12
5...... 36-39... 46-49... 14-16
6...... 40-43... 50-53... 16-18

Pregnancy measuring and Pre-Pregnancy pant size For your convenience use your hip measurement after 36 weeks or your pre-pregnancy pant size prior to delivery. If you have gained more than 35lbs during pregnancy, please add 1 size to ensure proper fit. Post Pregnancy Measuring Measure the smallest part of your waist, typically above your belly button and the widest point of your hips. Recovery support garments are designed to fit comfortably snug.