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Natural Body Care For Mom & Baby

Pregnancy Skin Care & Stretch Mark Prevention
Pregnancy Skin Care & Stretch Mark Prevention
Bella B natural and organic body care products are widely known and loved for a wide range or remedies and daily care. For mom, the original Tummy Honey Butter, the number one Bella B product, is the benchmark by which all other stretch mark prevention products are measured! Many celebs have used Bella B products, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Aguillera, Jenny Garth, Carnie Wilson and many, many more! Nipple Nurture Butter is another favorite for mom, as it's free of lanolin (which comes from sheep wool) and 100% plant based, made with all food-grade ingredients. Check out the full Bella B line, including wonderful gift sets for mom and baby!
Bella B Natural Bodycare, Inc., founded in 1999, offers a full range of skin care for mom and baby. Tummy Honey Butter by Bella B is the original stretch mark prevention butter widely known and loved by expecting mothers worldwide! Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter is a wonderful plant based alternative to lanolin, which comes from sheep wool, for breastfeeding mothers. Squeaky Bee hair and body wash is one of the Bella B favorites for baby, as well as Silk and Honey baby lotion. Check out the full range of Bella B skin care products, including wonderful gifts sets for new and expecting mothers as well as baby. These Bella B gift sets are ideal for baby shower gifts.