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Body After Baby The Motherload Maternity Support Band

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Designed with the ideal balance of support and comfort, The Motherload™ maternity support band relieves lower back pain, pelvic strain, and postural changes throughout your pregnancy. Anatomically designed with fit and function in mind, The Motherload™ provides optimal support in the lower back, hips, abdomen, and pelvis to relieve the stress and discomfort caused by weight gain, center of gravity shifts, and posture changes. Made with performance materials to ensure comfort and adjustable tension straps that tailor the level of support to accommodate the growing changes of pregnancy. The Motherload™ will alleviate your discomfort and provide the confidence to support both you and you’re your baby while preparing for childbirth and motherhood.


Anatomical Design for functionality and comfort
Breathable EVA molded back panel and front support
Adjustable independent tension support straps
10” of adjustability to accommodate growth
Lightweight and breathable materials


Relieves lower back pain
Relieves pressure on the abdomen, hips, and pelvis
Improves balance with proper weight distribution
Promotes correct posture to carry more comfortably
Provides structure for abdominal organs
Reduces fatigue and improves circulation

Size....Under Belly....Pre Preg Pants

Measurement should be taken underneath your pregnant belly where the support band will be worn. Once together the band should fit like a cradle under your belly. The Motherload™ provides 10” of size adjustment to accommodate growth, the band can be worn underneath or over your clothing.