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Best Maternity Coats

Now, there is a good chance that you will be pregnant for at least some of the winter months.

Naturally, this means that you are going to require some protection from the elements.

If this is something that you are looking for, then look no further than this guide to the best maternity coats:

What are Maternity Coats?

So, what is this kind of coat exactly? Well, a maternity coat is a jacket that has features that allow the coat to be re-sized often. In addition, many of these jackets have elements that accommodate a growing bump. Thus, you can have one jacket that will work well for you during your entire pregnancy.

Why Do You Need a Maternity Coat?

It is only natural to wonder if you might need a maternity coat. After all, can’t you just buy a jacket in a larger size and be done with it? Well, not really. See, maternity jackets have been specifically designed to help with a growing belly and weight gain. However, other elements are well-suited to your pre-pregnancy size – this includes arm length and coat length.

Coats that are a size larger than what you typically wear will be larger or longer in other areas as well. Not to mention, they may not accommodate your bump. There is also the fact that these coats haven’t been designed to look as good on pregnant women as maternity coats do.

The Top 5 Maternity Coats

Here are your top picks for maternity coats:

Momo Maternity Hooded Winter Jacket

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If you live in an area with extreme winters, then you are going to need a coat that will protect you from the elements. Well, this is precisely what this Momo maternity jacket will do for you. Made from polyester, with a nylon lining, this jacket has a shell that is not only waterproof, but windproof as well.

To add to this, the coat is filled with down and feathers. As a result, you can expect to stay nice and toasty throughout the entire cold weather season. And, the coat reaches below hip level to keep your entire torso warm.

What’s really great about this coat, though, is the fit. It is guaranteed to fit a growing belly at every stage. Thus, you should be able to use it for a full winter without needing to replace it. This is true even if you do grow in other places too!

Last but not least, the jacket has been designed to complement your bump. The empire waist style means that the coat slides over your bump, creating a better silhouette. This ensures that you look and feel great too.


Bearsland Maternity Jacket

Just because you are no longer pregnant doesn’t mean that you will be doing away with your maternity coats. In fact, lots of new moms are able to continue to fit into their maternity clothes. As such, it is nice to find a coat that can continue to be useful. This is exactly where the Bearsland jacket comes in.

It comes with a detachable front portion that can be used to carry your baby and keep them warm at the same time. Of course, until your baby comes along you can wear the coat without the insert – it works just as well.

This coat works well for very cold climates as well. Made from polyester, the coat will protect you from rain as well as wind. It has a hood too.  The coat is pretty comfortable against your skin as well.

As far as the fit goes, there is a size for everyone. This coat comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large. There are a variety of colors to choose from, too, making it easier to find the perfect one for you.


Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel

So, what if you have a coat that you truly love and don’t want to give up once you begin to show? Well, thanks to this Zip Us In expander panel, you don’t have to shelve your favorite jacket while you are pregnant. This expander helps to extend your coat so that it accommodates your baby bump.

There are four different types of panels, depending on the kind of zipper on your jacket. The Single Vislon 5VS panel is for YKK zippers with one pull, while the Double Vislon 5VS panel is for the YKK zippers with two pull. The Single and Double Coil Panels are designed to fit with YKK zippers that have the pull slider on the left and the exposed coil on the inside of the jacket.

As an added bonus, the expander can be further adjusted to fit you and your bump perfectly. It is also wind and water proof, ensuring that you get to stay warm and dry in all conditions.

What’s great is, though, is that the expander panel can continue to be used long after your baby is born. The very design of the panel ensures that it accommodates slings and carriers as well. This means that you can continue to wear your favorite and carry your baby all at once!


Beachcoco Maternity Jacket

If your winters don’t get too cold, then you are going to need a coat that is warm, but not warm. The Beachcoco maternity jacket is a good option in this case. It provides you with just enough insulation to keep the warm out and is equipped with a fleece lining around the neck.

What’s great about this being a lightweight jacket is that it isn’t overly bulky. Instead, it fits your growing bump and shape beautifully. Since it is just below hip level, the jacket also covers your entire torso to keep you warm. The jacket is available in black and olive, in the sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

The front zipper design does more than just accommodate your growing belly – although it does do this beautifully. The zipper also works as an interesting feature, creating a statement and elevating the overall look of the jacket.


Motherhood Maternity Store Maternity Pea Coat

Do you need a chic and sleek coat to wear to special functions? Then look no further than this Motherhood maternity pea coat. It comes with large buttons and a tie that ties up just around your bump. This helps to accentuate your bump, while still giving you a structured silhouette.

The material that the coat is made from has plenty of give. This makes it suitable for your growing bump and shape. Because of the tie up you can always cinch in the waist to still get the shape and silhouette that you desire.

This pea coat doesn’t just look good, though, it feels great too. It is soft and cozy, helping you to feel warm at all times. In fact, you are probably never going to take it off! The coat comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring that there is something for everyone.


How to Pick the Best Maternity Coat (What to Look For)

Here is what you need to pay attention when selecting a maternity coat:

Consider the Level of Protection

Needless to say, winter in every region is quite different. In some places, the temperature drops below freezing, complete with snow. In other areas, the colder months only bring slightly lower temperatures and some rain.

Therefore, when selecting your coat, you need to consider where you live and how cold it is likely to get. In case you do live in a place with extreme conditions, look for additional insulation in the form of a down filling. Regardless of where you live, though, a waterproof jacket is typically a good idea.

Material and Features with Give

It doesn’t matter that you may only need your maternity coat for a few months, you will probably grow quite a bit during this time. This is especially true if you are in the latter part of your pregnancy. Therefore, you need a coat that is going to accommodate this.

Thus, look for materials that have more give. This way, the material will naturally stretch to accommodate any part of you that is growing. You could also get coats that have been designed to be slightly larger in certain areas. You will be able to fill these out later on.

Other jackets may feature middle sections or panels that will expand with you. Or, they may have zippers that create additional space in the front. It is all up to you to decide which feature suits you best.

Choose Comfortable Material

Pregnancy can come with its own fair share of uncomfortable moments. Thus, you owe it to yourself to find a coat that is comfortable for you to wear, particularly if you have to do so for extended periods of time.

Wool blends are a great choice, but isn’t for everyone. Now, many jackets do consist of polyester linings to keep the coat waterproof. This material can be surprisingly cozy as well. So, it is important to consider the material lining your jacket and to determine if it is comfortable to you.

Look for a Complementary Style

Modern fashion proves that you don’t have to go through your pregnancy looking frumpy. Instead, you can now look as sleek and chic as every before. The trick to getting this right is to select a coat with the right cut and silhouette.

More often than not, you will discover that an empire waist coat is the best option for you. This creates structure above the bust, while gently flowing over your bump and curves. The cinched-in waist also adds more shape to your figure.

If you are looking for something for work purposes, a pea coat or a trench coat style works well. These help you to keep warm while still cutting a sophisticated figure.

Consider Post-Pregnancy Friendly Styles

It is unlikely that you will go back to your pre-pregnancy size immediately after giving birth. This means that you will actually wear most of your maternity clothes for a few months afterwards too. Of course, at this point, you will need a coat that will accommodate a baby and not a bump!

In this case, look for coats that can be expanded in some way to accommodate a baby sling or carrier while providing your little one with protection from the cold.

These are the top things to know about choosing a maternity coat. Stick to these guidelines and the coats on this list and you will be just fine.

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