Do You Need A Maternity Underwear?

The question of “Do you need maternity underwear?” is one that many expectant mothers grapple with.

Confronted by the myriad of physical changes during pregnancy from weight gain heightened sensitivity discomfort and bleeding after birth regular underwear may no longer provide the comfort and support you need.

Maternity underwear specifically designed with features like extra-stretchy fibers breathable natural fabrics and an elasticated band that won’t add bulk can capably handle such pregnancy-related changes ensuring more comfort as your body evolves.

But how significant a role does maternity underwear play in maintaining comfort during pregnancy the post-caesarean period and after the birth?

This brings us to a wider and more complicated discussion.

Do You Need A Maternity Underwear

Maternity Underwear Guide

Maternity underwear is specifically designed to accommodate the physical changes during pregnancy. It provides comfort support and allows for better stretch and movement.

One of its main features is the extra-stretchy elasticated band that it comes with which fits perfectly around a growing belly without causing discomfort.

There are two main styles to choose from including the high-waisted briefs which sit over the bump and keep your belly warm and the low-cut or under the bump underwear that is more like your regular comfy undies but with plenty of stretch to handle pregnancy weight gain.

Some women also prefer big knickers for their comfort and extra stretch while others stick to their old ones that can fit well under the belly. Cotton and other natural fabrics are recommended options for both during and after pregnancy due to their breathability and durability.

It’s also important to have fresh pairs ready for after the birth as post-caesarean underwear needs to be high-waisted to avoid chafing the scar. Disposable knickers and pants that can accommodate maternity pads are also necessary due to common occurrences like waters breaking or lochia a type of post-delivery bleeding.

Top Maternity Underwear Picks

Maternity underwear comes in various affordable options that are not only functional but also trendy. Brands like Hanes Mama Cotton and Gift Pocket provide fashionable choices that won’t make you feel like you’re draping yourself in shapeless fabric.

Here are a few top picks:

  • ‘Wirarpa Women’s Cotton Underwear’ – made from breathable cotton these pants are not only comfortable but also feature a soft and stretchy high-waistband that accommodates size changes.
  • ‘Mama Cotton Over The Bump Maternity Underwear’ – These are perfect for those who prefer over-the-bump undies that provide full coverage and maintain the bump warm.
  • ‘Gift Pocket Non Trace Maternity Underwear’ – They’re made of soft lightweight and breathable fabric for maximum comfort and come with a high waistband to effectively support the growing belly.

Maternity Underwear Tips

Understanding the physical changes that come with pregnancy can inform your decision on maternity underwear.

Maternity underwear is designed to provide comfort accommodate a growing belly and adjust to weight gain due to pregnancy.

You don’t necessarily need specific maternity underwear in early pregnancy. Regular comfy undies with plenty of stretch can be worn but might need to be a larger size as your pregnancy progresses.

Post-pregnancy or after the birth you might consider getting old pants or disposable knickers that will be convenient for bleeding after birth or when the waters break or the mucus plug comes away.

Material Considerations

When looking for maternity underwear try options made from cotton or other natural fabrics. These are usually breathable and soft helping to avoid discomfort and chafing.

A microfiber seamless kind of maternity underwear is an excellent option as well; they’re lightweight and won’t add bulk.

Comfort and Support

If you’re experiencing discomforts of pregnancy like stretch marks or a sore belly choosing maternity underwear with an elasticated band can help keep your bump warm and supported. They also add a level of comfort you might not get from skimpy underwear.

Stylish Options

Maternity underwear has evolved from being purely practical to include more stylish options. There are now pretty maternity underwear in the market that can help women feel attractive during pregnancy.

Choosing The Right Maternity Underwear

Choosing the right maternity underwear is essential for your comfort during and after the birth. Here are some points to consider:


Sizing is crucial when it comes to maternity underwear. Always check the manufacturer’s size chart and read reviews for size recommendations.

Usually maternity underwear should be one size bigger than what you usually wear. However remember that the ideal size could vary depending on the brand.

Type of Maternity Underwear

There are various types of maternity underwear: high-cut low-cut big knickers high-waisted briefs and belly pants. Each style offers different levels of support and comfort.

Over the bump and under the bump styles of maternity underwear also offer additional coverage and support. For example under the bump underwear provides a less visible line under clothes.

Design and Material

The material and design of the underwear should be breathable and stretchy. Look for seamless designs that have minimal seams.

Cotton underwear is a good material choice as it can seamlessly adapt to the changes in your body and provide comfort.

Other design features include a crotch liner for absorbing lochia which is beneficial for bleeding after birth.

Finally remember to take care of your maternity underwear. Use a hypoallergenic detergent wash them in a garment bag and avoid the dryer to preserve their elasticity.

Maternity Underwear Care Tips

Looking after your maternity underwear is just as important as selecting the right type. Firstly opt for washing with hypoallergenic detergent.

This reduces the risk of skin irritations and keeps your comfy undies safe especially during pregnancy when sensitivity increases.

Maternity knickers such as cotton underwear should ideally be washed separately for better care. This is simply because your bleeding after birth or instances such as waters breaking can leave traces on your underwear.

Laundering these garments separately ensures persistent hygiene.

When it comes to laundry using a garment bag can be a lifesaver. Not only does it prevent your high-waisted briefs control pants or big knickers from getting twisted and torn amongst other clothes but it also helps maintain the elasticated band and extra-stretchy material.

But most importantly whether you have affordable maternity underwear or pricier ones you should avoid using a dryer. The heat can degrade the elasticity and comfort of your comfy pants or microfiber seamless kind making them less durable.

Air-drying is not only good for the longevity of your maternity underwear but also for preserving the breathable quality of the natural fabrics.

Last but not least another after the birth tip: change your maternity pads regularly. This reduces discomforts of pregnancy and minimizes chafing in any delicate area.

This care routine will help you preserve your maternity underwear which you might need for later pregnancy or after procedures such as caesarean sections.

Maternity - Updated: July 30, 2023