Does H&m Have A Maternity Section?

Finding maternity clothes that are comfortable stylish and size inclusive can be a challenge.

If you are wondering does h&m have a maternity section you are in luck!

H&M offers a comprehensive MAMA collection filled with various sizes from 3/4 sleeve and 75b to a-line 85d and more.

You can expect to find everything from comfy floral maxis to bump-hugging bodycon styles ensuring a perfect fit for your changing body.

So whether you’re just beginning to show or are in the final stretch H&M has got maternity wear suitable for every stage of your pregnancy.

But the question remains: is the quality and comfort level up to par with the style?

Does H&M Have A Maternity Section

Maternity Section

Yes H&M does have a maternity section known as MAMA which is dedicated to providing clothing options for expecting mothers. With over 383 different items available you’re bound to find maternity wear that suits your style and body changing needs.

The maternity section at H&M offers a range of styles sizes and fabrics. You have options from XS to XXL which include materials such as chiffon cotton denim jersey lace linen satin and velour.

Additional features of this section include maternity bras maternity dresses and options for nursing tops. Colour choices include beige black blue gray green pink purple red silver turquoise and white.

Sleeve lengths also vary from 3/4 sleeve to sleeveless to suit the weather and your personal preference.

Clothing Options

Expecting mothers can enjoy a wide range of maternity clothing available at H&M’s maternity section. The choices vary from basics to jeans tops bottoms and even accessories.

These are some of the most preferred clothing options:

  • Maternity dresses: Dresses for different occasions such as casual beach formal party and sport and in different styles like A-line flared and knee-length.
  • Maternity jeans: Jeans in various sizes and in two fit types: slim fit and regular fit.
  • Knits: Essential for the colder months knits are available in various sizes and in two fit types: regular fit and relaxed fit.
  • Maternity tops: A variety of tops are available including nursing tops and shirts.
  • Maternity bottoms: From joggers to leggings to maternity skirts you have various options to choose from.
  • Maternity bras: This collection ranges from non-wired soft bras to sports bras for the best support during maternity.

Each clothing item in the maternity section is available in a range of prices from as low as $10.99 to $64.99. With this range you can shop for maternity clothes that are tailored to your budget.

Different Categories

The H&M maternity section offers a diverse range of clothing categories. From dresses knits and blouses to jeans and accessories.

To cater to the growing needs of expectant mothers sub-categories like tops bottoms jeans and basics have been created.

Moreover H&M takes care of post-pregnancy clothing needs as well. The maternity wear range includes nursing-ready tops dresses and bras.

H&M also offers an array of maternity sportswear lingerie & tights jackets & coats and stylish accessories.

Various Sizes

H&M understands that every body is different especially during pregnancy. The same applies even more so when it comes to maternity wear.

Hence they offer a generous variety of sizes.

From petite XS to the larger XXL there’s something for every expectant mother. Sizes also include S M L and XL catering to a wide range of body types and sizes adequately.

This diversity in sizes ensures that every pregnant woman can feel comfortable and stylish throughout their journey and even beyond during the nursing phase.

Available in various sizes their clothing not only gives a flattering shape but also provides the necessary support and comfort that makes maternity wear from H&M a popular choice among expecting mothers.

  • Maternity Dresses – XS to XXL
  • Maternity Tops & Blouses – XS to XXL
  • Maternity Bottoms – XS to XXL
  • Maternity Bras – 75b 75c 75d 80b 80c 80d 85b 85c 85d

Nursing Options

The H&M collection does not only cater to the clothing needs of expected mothers but it also includes a variety of nursing options. These are designed to add convenience during the period after childbirth.

Featured in the store’s MAMA section these nursing styles include nursing bras tops and maternity dresses.

Nursing bras at H&M come in different sizes from 75b 75c 75d to 80b 80c and 85d and are available with varying features. You can select from a non-padded or padded bra and a non-wired or wired bra.

They also have bra accessories available to make your nursing journey more comfortable.

Nursing tops and dresses from H&M are available in various styles and sizes. They can be found in different colours from beige to black to bold blues reds and green.

These ensembles offer styles including long sleeve short sleeve and sleeveless options. Most importantly the designs are very easy-to-wear and practical featuring discreet nursing functions.

Certain dress styles such as the cotton nursing dress and wrapover dress make breastfeeding much more convenient and comfy.

Looking stylish during the post-partum period won’t be difficult with H&M’s collection. The nursing options also include maternity coats in different colours and sizes which are perfect for the colder months.

All these products are found within the affordable range of H&M making the maternity section ideal for new and expecting mothers.

Maternity - Updated: July 28, 2023