Does H&m Maternity Run Small?

In the world of maternity wear finding the perfect fit can be a challenge.

There are questions like “does H&M maternity run small?” that pose an issue for expectant mothers looking to balance comfort and style.

As a quick solution gathering insights from fellow moms and utilizing size guides can help decipher the accurate sizing of maternity clothes from brands like H&M.

Yet factors such as body shape changes weight gain and fashion preferences mean that one size does not fit all when it comes to maternity wear.

Is vanity sizing at play or are expectant mothers facing an entirely different sizing nightmare in their pregnancy journey?

Does H&M Maternity Run Small

H&M Maternity Fit

As per customer reviews H&M maternity clothes may run small compared to other brands like Zara and Gap. Expectant mothers may find that H&M maternity pants are too small or do not offer a great fit.

The quality of H&M maternity clothes has been noted by some as not being top-notch.

Product sizing can vary depending on a woman’s body shape and weight gain during pregnancy. Despite these variations some customers have found H&M maternity jeans to be perfectly comfortable when ordered one or two sizes larger than their pre-pregnancy size.

However it is important to note that H&M maternity sizes may reflect more of a European sizing standard. A size 18 customer mentioned that an XL maternity dress from H&M fit her perfectly.

Other customers have expressed being impressed with the fit of H&M maternity t-shirts and dresses but found a limited range in sizes for shorts.

H&M Sizing Review

Several customers have noted that H&M maternity clothing can run smaller than most stores. For instance a size 8 or 10 in H&M maternity jeans doesn’t correspond to the same sizes at Old Navy.

H&M’s sizing deviates from what is known as ‘vanity sizing’.

One pregnant woman usually a size 6-8 and twenty-four weeks along found that most maternity lines run big but H&M maternity clothes run small. This woman ordered a size XS from H&M and found the fit far too tight.

The clothes had ruching at the sides to accommodate a belly but didn’t offer the stretch she expected.

A commonly given advice is to consider opting for stretch jersey material when shopping at H&M for maternity outfits. Next it may pay to size up one to two sizes in your second and third trimesters as suggested by H&M maternity sizing guidelines.

H&M Maternity Pants

When it comes to H&M maternity wear one common observation amongst shoppers is that the sizes tend to run small. This has been particularly noticeable in the case of H&M maternity pants.

Depending upon individual body shape and weight gain during pregnancy a variety of experiences have been shared by expecting mothers.

  • Some women who pre-pregnancy were a normal size 6 found that they needed a size 8
    or even a size 10 for a comfortable fit.
  • There have also been instances where some have found the pants to be not a great fit especially around the
    hips/bum area.
  • For those who prefer slimmer fits H&M maternity pants have been found
    to be a more accurate sizing alternative compared to other brands like Old Navy.

H&M Maternity Leggings

Another popular item from H&M’s maternity line is the maternity leggings. However the feedback on these have been quite mixed.

While some expecting mothers have loved the fit and found them to be breathable and comfortable there are those who have found the quality to be questionable.

  • Several mothers have mentioned that H&M maternity leggings are relatively thin compared to other brands and feel cheap.
  • They also tend to stretch out quickly requiring frequent replacements.
  • Sizing issues persist with these leggings too – they tend to run small as with other H&M maternity wear.
  • Women who are normally a size S have found themselves needing a size M or even a size L for a comfortable fit.

In conclusion while many expecting mothers love the designs and styles offered by H&M the general consensus is that their maternity wear tends to run small. Choosing a size larger than your normal pre-maternity size may result in a better fit.

H&M Maternity Dress

When it comes to H&M maternity dress selection many users have had varying experiences. Some have found H&M maternity dresses run small when compared to other maternity brands suggesting that H&M uses a more European sizing.

One user who normally wore a size 18 found that an XL maternity dress from H&M fit perfectly.

It is important to note that weight gain and body shape during pregnancy can greatly affect how these dresses fit. Some women have found that the sizes at H&M do not cater to women with larger thighs or a larger bum thereby increasing the likelihood of clothes seeming smaller.

An essential piece of advice reiterated by majority is H&M maternity clothes especially the dresses and t-shirts are recommended but the shorts may lack a wide range in sizes. Also it is worth noting that despite the size discrepancies many have praised the dresses for being comfortable and extremely neat.

However the quality of H&M maternity clothes including dresses has been criticized. Some women have noticed that the leggings can stretch out quickly and can appear thin and cheap.

So even though H&M maternity leggings may be an economically convenient option they might not feel very breathable or sustainable.

Despite the sizing issues some women found that returning items especially online purchases to be a hassle. Therefore it is recommended to try on the H&M maternity line dresses in-store when possible to avoid any disappointment with sizes or fit.

To summarise the sizes at H&M maternity line seem to be inconsistent and may run small especially when compared to other brands. Therefore it might be a good idea to opt for a size larger when buying H&M maternity dress.

Maternity - Updated: July 28, 2023