How Do I Check My Uif Maternity Status?

Being a new mother on maternity leave can be a period filled with joy and excitement but also uncertainty particularly when it comes to understanding benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

If you’re wondering ‘how do I check my UIF maternity status’ you’re not alone.

Fortunately all you need is a stable internet connection your UIF reference number and personal details handy.

To ease out the process it’s important to clarify the steps associated with checking the status on the UIF portal.

But what happens when there are unexpected errors or delays during the status update?

How Do I Check My Uif Maternity Status

How To Check Uif Maternity Status

UIF maternity status can be determined by accessing the UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System available on the Department of Labour’s website. Initially you will need your UIF Reference Number and your ID number.

With these details at hand head on to the official website type in the necessary inputs and click on “Get Status”. This should enable you to confirm your UIF maternity status.

If you encounter any hurdles while trying to check your status you can always seek assistance by reaching out to the UIF call centre via their toll free number 0800 030 007. The operational hours of the call centre would vary so it’s highly recommended to visit the official website for the most accurate information.

Step-By-Step Guide For Checking Uif Maternity Status

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step method to check your UIF maternity status:

  1. Firstly visit the website:

  2. Now enter the Captcha number displayed on the screen.

  3. Once done input your UIF Reference Number and your ID number into the corresponding fields.

  4. Simply click on the “Get Status” button to retrieve your UIF maternity status.

  5. If you ran into an issue contact their support team on 0800 030 007 for assistance regarding the process.

Prior to following this guide it’s always advisable to have all your required personal information readily available and ensure your devices like computers or smartphones have a working internet connection for seamless navigation through the process.

Verify Uif Maternity Status

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) in South Africa offers support to employees during maternity leave. The UIF is managed by the Department of Labour.

To verify your UIF maternity status you will use the uFiling platform.

There are 5 steps to apply for Maternity Benefits. You have to accept the terms and conditions confirm your banking details update your personal details enter your occupation and qualification and confirm your salary from your employer during your maternity leave.

uFiling is a free service and allows for a faster processing time of your UIF benefits. When you register on uFiling provide your valid UIF registration number identity number e-mail address and banking details.

To check the progress of your claim and receiving of your first payments visit the uFiling website. If you encounter any issues contact the call centre for support and queries.

Find Out Your Uif Maternity Status

With the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the South African economy plenty of employees are uncertain about their UIF maternity status. Many businesses are either closing implementing salary reductions or considering retrenchments.

If you are an employee on unpaid leave or unable to work during the lockdown you may not know if your company has submitted claims to the UIF.

To find out about your status you can use the UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System. Enter the Captcha number displayed on the screen your UIF Reference Number and your ID number.

Click on “Get Status” to retrieve your status information.

The website to visit for checking the status is

Checking Your Uif Maternity Status

The Unemployed Insurance Fund (UIF) provides a platform known as uFiling for managing UIF benefits including UIF maternity status. This platform facilitates online UIF returns secure payments and faster processing times making the process of checking your UIF maternity status simple and straightforward.

Many South African employees may be uncertain about their UIF maternity status due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the economy. This can be exacerbated by businesses closing doors salary reductions or possible retrenchments.

Fortunately the UIF and the Department of Labour provide adequate support and information for applicants through the UIF website and call centre (0800 030 007).

To check your UIF maternity status simply log in to the UIF-Covid-19 TERS National Disaster Application System using your UIF Reference Number ID number and Captcha number displayed on the screen. After entering this information click on “Get Status” to retrieve your current UIF maternity status.

You may visit to carry out this process. It is crucial to remember that all this data is current as of May 17 2020.

For any website related queries or issues you may face during this process please don’t hesitate to contact the UIF call centre for support. Checking UIF maternity status is an essential step to confirm whether employers have submitted claims on behalf of their employees especially those on unpaid leave or unable to work during the lockdown.

Maternity - Updated: August 5, 2023