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I Don’t Want To Be Pregnant Anymore

During your pregnancy, you may think, “I don’t want to be pregnant anymore,” and it is okay to have second thoughts. It is common for women to feel like they don’t want to be pregnant once they discover they expect a child. Even moms pregnant with a second child may be unsure about having a child.

There are several reasons why pregnant mothers may decide that they don’t want to be pregnant anymore. Exploring the root cause is a straightforward way to determine what to do next with your pregnancy. There are several courses of action that women can take once they realize they don’t want to be pregnant anymore.

Is It Okay If You Don’t Want to Be Pregnant?

There is nothing wrong with accepting that you do not want to be pregnant, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of women feel that way when they realize that they have an unplanned pregnancy. It happens to women in different age groups and not only teens. There are several reasons why women do not want to be pregnant, including the following.

  • The pregnancy was unplanned, and the woman isn’t ready to be a mother.
  • The parents are not financially stable, and they are not able to support the newborn.
  • If you have mental health conditions like depression and bipolar syndrome
  • Being overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a new parent. Unplanned pregnancies can come as a shock and cause stress as parents prepare for the baby.
  • The woman got pregnant because of pressure from the husband or family members.

Some organizations help women who don’t want to be pregnant to receive counseling or medical assistance. Keep on reading to find out the course of action you can take once you realize that you do not want to be pregnant.

How to Make a Decision on What to Do

Before deciding what to do about your current situation, you should explore the options you have. Making the right decision will allow you to continue with your life without any regrets. It is not easy to decide, and you should take your time to weigh your options. Most of the decisions are irreversible, and you need to be sure that the action you choose is what you want to do.

Seek Medical Attention

Pregnancy comes with an array of hormones that change the way a woman views their life. You may not be making a rational decision because you are stressed or have antenatal depression. Although antenatal depression is overlooked, it is more common than you think in pregnant women.

Talking to a counselor will help you identify the source of your fears and verify whether they are realistic. Sometimes pregnant moms feel overwhelmed because they think they are not qualified to be a parent. A counselor will help you realize that there is no perfect parent. All you need to do is love your child and take good care of them.

You may view your situation differently after talking to a counselor about why you don’t want to be pregnant. In case you have a mental health problem, your counselor will recommend a doctor or medication to manage your situation.

Overall, talking to a counseling expert should be your first step before deciding what to do next if you don’t want to be pregnant. In case you decide to have a baby, you can prepare psychologically to be a mother. You can explore how you feel about adoption and abortion if you do not want to keep the baby.

Consider Adoption

Many couples out there are unsuccessful in having a baby and are looking to adopt a little one. An adoption is an excellent option for mothers who can’t afford to raise a child or want their kids to have both parents in their life. You can look at various adoption agencies and get a feel of the procedure of adoption.

Most adoption agencies are willing to talk to parents before the baby is born to prepare for the adoption process. Some agencies are dedicated to helping couples get a child, while others help pregnant mothers find a suitable home for their child. You can talk to various agencies until you find one that you are comfortable using.

You have to understand that adoptions are final, and you won’t see your child. The kid can have their adoption details unsealed when they reach the age of 18 years. A closed adoption will prevent you from seeing the adoptive parents. Open adoption allows some contact before the adoption with potential parents.


Not everyone is comfortable with having an abortion, but it is a legal option in the USA. Most abortions are done before the fetus is 12 weeks, and there are few risks at this stage. Some abortions are done early in the second trimester, especially when the mother’s health is in danger.

Some clinics and hospitals do abortions for $300-$800, depending on the procedure’s complexity. Surgical abortions can cost upwards of $1,000 because they are a bit complicated to perform. Find a clinic with a good reputation for performing abortions and provides proper after-care.

Most abortions happen through the use of an abortion pill. You will take a combination of pills that will help your body to expel the pregnancy matter safely. You need to be patient with the pill and give it up to three days to do its work. Your doctor will recommend the best recovery regime to get you healthy as you will lose blood in the process.

Experts do surgical abortions, and the fetus is removed immediately. You can leave the hospital after the procedure, but you will need a few days to recover. It would be best to have a friend or relative pick you up from the hospital while recuperating. Ladies under the age of 18 years will require parental consent for the abortion process.

What to do If You Are Under Pressure to Have a Child

It is common for women to feel pressure from the husband or family to have a child. It is okay no to be ready to have a child due to health or financial reasons. However, relatives will wonder why you don’t have children, especially when you are married. Some may even speculate about fertility issues, and the whole thing may become embarrassing fast.

It would be best to explain to your husband or relatives why you don’t want to be pregnant. Make them understand your perspective if you wish to advance your career or aren’t ready to be responsible for a child. If you are already expectant, you still have various options if you don’t want to be pregnant.

Married women sometimes opt for an abortion because the timing wasn’t right, or a couple can afford to raise a child. It would be best to go to counseling to help your husband or parent understand why you aren’t ready for kids.

What Do I Tell People Who Ask About Having Kids?

Women who choose not to get pregnant are always asked to justify their decision, which is rude. It is understandable when you want to shut down people before getting pregnant is a private matter. However, understanding the intentions behind the question of “Why don’t you have a baby?” or “Why don’t you have another baby?” will help you come up with suitable answers.

Anytime someone asks you about kids, ask them why they want to know. A person who wants to help you will be forthcoming about their reasons for asking you. You may realize that some women want to encourage you if you face challenges trying to get pregnant. Others may want to recommend a clinic or fertility program that helped them get pregnant.

A nosy person won’t have a good reason for asking you why you don’t want to get pregnant. It can be tiresome to answer people after you have been through multiple IVF programs without success. You can tell nosy people that you are thinking about it or it’s not a good time.

Seniors may automatically assume that at a certain age, you want to have kids. They will ask you about kids because they wish to see and cherish your offspring. Try to be kind to seniors who want to know why you are procreating. Overall, be patient and try to find out what the intentions are before shutting a person out. Some good people may want to help you in any way possible.

Am I a Bad Person for Not Wanting Kids?

No. Kids are a personal decision, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You can opt to have kids or not, and it’s your choice. Just because people question when a woman doesn’t want kids doesn’t mean anything wrong with not wanting kids.


It is okay if you do not want to be pregnant, and there are several options about what you can do when you have an unwanted pregnancy.

It is important to remember that whatever you do with your pregnancy or child is your decision to make. You shouldn’t feel guilty for terminating a pregnancy or giving up your child for adoption.

It is imperative to seek expert advice if you don’t want to be pregnant anymore. An expert can help you put things in perspective and make the right decision.

Maternity - Updated: February 23, 2021