Is Hatch Maternity Worth It?

As mothers-to-be can attest finding affordable yet stylish maternity wear can be a daunting task.

It can often seem like there’s a lack of chic and comfortable options available.

One brand that has been making waves in the maternity fashion scene is Hatch Maternity.

However expectant mothers are often left asking is Hatch Maternity worth it? This article aims to answer this very question.

Taking into account factors such as style comfort and price we’ll delve deep into the merits and drawbacks of choosing Hatch Maternity for your pregnancy fashion needs.

Will Hatch Maternity live up to its hype?

Is Hatch Maternity Worth It

Is Hatch Maternity Worth It?

Hatch Maternity is a renowned brand initiated by Ariane Goldman in 2011. Known for its sleek maternity wear that brings style comfort and functionality altogether.

However is it worth the price and hype?

After trying a range of Hatch Maternity’s apparel the verdict is that it’s arguably pretty overpriced. Yes the brand offers well-crafted clothes like the Longsleeve Tee which is perfect for a growing bump and also doubles as a nursing top.

Pieces like the breathable Cotton Nightie and the Before During and After Legging made of 92% modal and 8% spandex could even be considered staples of maternity wear.

However underneath the charm of celebrity endorsers like Meghan Markle and Emily Blunt the reality is many of Hatch’s products especially the dresses and leggings prove to be unflattering and oversized for some. With inconsistent sizing that doesn’t always work for pre-pregnancy body types the clothes may not always provide the desired fit.

Despite the modal content in the leggings keeping them soft their thickness may make them unappealing for some expectant parents.

Pros And Cons Of Hatch Collection

The Hatch Collection certainly has its merits. The designs are chic well-made and also thoughtful regarding functionality for a growing belly.

The Before During and After Legging and the boxy Longsleeve Tee both offer a good level of comfort.

However the brand has its drawbacks as well. Firstly the sheer expense is a major downside.

With dresses and tops reaching $250 and $98 respectively the affordability becomes a big question. Secondly the shaky sizing and fit might not do justice to all body types across XS to XXL.

Thirdly while products like the Longsleeve Tee and Cotton Nightie can be machine washed without shrinking or pilling they require specific care such as being dried flat or at low heat which can be inconvenient. Also it’s worth mentioning the Cotton Nightie despite its breathability is quite sheer and may not be suitable for hospital wear.

Lastly the stretch mark preventative Belly Oil did not meet many expectations in moisturizing the skin and had a messy dropper for application. Not to mention it’s suggested to apply it 3x per day which may not be feasible for every parent-to-be.

To conclude Hatch Maternity despite its decent odds and ends may not justify its high prices and variable sizing. Pregnant mothers might want to shop around to find more affordable and consistent alternate maternity wear.

Hatch Maternity Review

Hatch Maternity founded by Ariane Goldman in 2011 is a brand of maternity clothes recognized for its sleek maternity wear. Known for popular products like the Before During and After Legging and the Longsleeve Tee Hatch has gained a following among expecting mothers.

The leggings with a 92% modal and 8% spandex material are praised for their retention of softness after machine washes without shrinking or pilling. The Longsleeve Tee on the other hand is a boxy crewneck that comes in four sizes – perfect for covering a growing baby bump.

Another appreciated item in the collection is the Cotton Nightie crafted from breathable cotton and fitted with a drawstring for nighttime breastfeeding. Despite being somewhat see-through it has the advantage of not shrinking in the wash.

Maintaining these pieces requires some attention. The Modal-rich leggings demand a low heat setting in the dryer while the tee should be dried flat a detail that might inconvenience those with little room to spare.

While my experience with Hatch Maternity clothing turned out somewhat pricey many find the brand’s design and functionality worth the cost. However if you’re seeking a more affordable range Hatch might not be the best fit.

Where To Buy Hatch Maternity

You might find Hatch Maternity brand new on their website but at steep prices. For instance the dresses I tried were priced at $250 with tops at $98.

To lighten the financial strain I turned to The RealReal an online marketplace for secondhand clothing and accessories. This option offered a more affordable alternative to buying brand new items from Hatch Maternity’s main site.

The trade-off for these lower prices was a deep disappointment with the fit and material of the pants I bought. The two dresses I tried one made of 100% cotton and the other of silk left me underwhelmed and were promptly returned.

It’s worth noting that many of Hatch’s current collection is manufactured in China casting doubt on their high prices. For these reasons I am reluctant to recommend Hatch Maternity for expecting moms.

Don’t be fooled by their influencer marketing. Their Belly Oil for example which is purported to prevent stretch marks left my skin dry and their dropper packaging was messy and inconvenient.

One worthy alternative to consider is the Target diffusion line The Nines. Some pieces from this collection might meet your needs and your budget better than Hatch Maternity.

Similar Brands And Alternatives

A popular and cost-effective alternative to the Hatch Maternity brand is the maternity line from Gap. This brand provides affordable maternity wear such as dresses pants and tops while ensuring comfort for the expecting mother.

Another great option is Old Navy. They offer a variety of maternity clothes at affordable prices.

From leggings to dresses and formal maternity wear Old Navy is a preferred destination for many mothers.

Maternity brands like Storq ASOS Motherhood Maternity PinkBlush and Target brand also offer stylish and comfortable maternity clothes.

The Nines a Target diffusion line has been particularly appreciated by many mothers for their comfort and value for money.

LulaRoe and Everlane are extra alternatives to Hatch. LulaRoe a direct-to-consumer retailer provides comfort and flexibility for a growing belly while Everlane combines affordability and sustainability in their maternity line.

Japanese maternity brands are known for their minimalist lines and quality. Brands such as Uniqlo and Muji provide very comfortable and value for money maternity clothes.

Women who want to splurge on fashion-forward maternity wear can check out brands like Petite Maternity Clothes and Elizabeth Suzann Clydes. The styles are chic and modern perfect for the style-conscious mom-to-be.

High-end secondhand clothing platforms like The RealReal can also be a great place to buy maternity wear including Hatch maternity at lower prices.

Amazon has also made a mark in providing a wide range of maternity clothing at very reasonable prices. Brands like Modern Eternity Lemon and Southern California offer good collection on Amazon.

Many low cost maternity clothes alternatives exist to Hatch Maternity. For maternity wear that flatters the body without breaking the bank try shopping at stores like Walmart and Costco.

Last but not least ASOS offers a great variety of trendy maternity outfits online. ASOS features a Petite Tall and Plus Size maternity selection.

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