Is Motherhood Maternity Legit?

Expecting mothers often turn to the internet for maternity clothing a trend that has led to the rise of many such e-commerce stores.

One of the players is Motherhood Maternity and prospective customers often ask: is Motherhood Maternity legit? This article will delve into customer experiences and reveal surprising insights into the company’s operation from their return policy to the shocking ‘revelation’ of additional fees hidden in the fine print.

By examining various customer reviews we aim to uncover the truth about Motherhood Maternity.

Yet with so many conflicting opinions and diverse customer experiences can we decisively say whether shopping at Motherhood Maternity is a hazard or a blessing?

Is Motherhood Maternity Legit

Is Motherhood Maternity Legit?

Motherhood Maternity is a company that specializes in maternity clothing. However the overall rating of Motherhood Maternity is only 1-star due to 100% 1-star reviews from 1912 clients.

Many of these reviews outline frustration with high fees for returns lost packages and unresponsive customer services causing many to question the company’s legitimacy.

On top of return fees amounting to $15 per order customers have been additionally charged for dropship items exacerbating their dissatisfaction. It is suggested to check online reviews before buying maternity clothing from Motherhood Maternity considering other alternatives such as Amazon and Pink Blush.

Review: Motherhood (Maternity) Returns

The return policy at Motherhood Maternity has been a point of contention mostly due to high costs and poor customer service. One of the main complaints revolves around the $15 return fee imposed by Motherhood Maternity on top of what customers have already paid for the items.

This has contributed to significant customer frustration.

Additional charges are applied for returns of dropship items. Poor customer service responsiveness and inability to cancel orders or get refunds have hampered customer satisfaction.

Instances of false advertising stolen or lost packages and high return fees unfortunately characterise Motherhood Maternity’s image among many customers.

Transparency Report: 2022 Update

Throughout 2021 Motherhood (Maternity) has faced a wave of negative feedback. Its customer ratings consist entirely of 1-star reviews making it a serious concern for potential buyers.

High return fees poor quality clothing and non-responsive customer service paint a negative picture for its operations.

Many customers’ packages were reported lost or stolen leaving customers out of pocket and frustrated with the lack of response from the company’s customer service. Despite paying high fees for express shipping some buyers were left disappointed when their orders didn’t arrive in time for important events.

Buyer Beware: Returns At Motherhood (Maternity)

Returning purchases at Motherhood (Maternity) has proven to be a daunting costly task. Customers complained about incurring a $15 return fee per order with additional charges for dropship items.

This practice has come under heavy criticism and been labeled ‘scammy’ by disappointed buyers.

Adding to the frustration some buyers saw their $30 refunded for a promising express shipping service turn out to be a bad investment when their deliveries failed to arrive on time. This resulted in not only wealth loss but also an emotional toll on customers who were expecting to receive their goods promptly.

  • Poor quality clothing and one-time usability
  • Difficulty cancelling orders
  • False advertising

These reported problems further highlight the difficulties customers face when dealing with Motherhood (Maternity).

Lost/Stolen Packages At Motherhood Maternity

One concerning incident reported by customers of Motherhood Maternity is the frequent occurrence of lost or stolen packages. There are numerous accounts of orders not arriving at their destination as expected leading to a great deal of frustration among customers.

While stolen packages can occur in any online operation Motherhood Maternity should take responsibility especially since they charged high fees for shipping and returns. One customer was shocked when her package went missing and received no assistance response or updates from their customer service.

Disappointingly the site has also been accused of charging outrageous return fees including a $15 mailback returns fee in case of returns which doesn’t seem to include the cost of missing items. This practice has drawn some negative reviews where customers feel it’s a scammy tactic.

Especially for expecting mothers this is a huge disappointment. Online shopping while sometimes a gamble should be trusted.

One wrong size can upset a first time mum-to-be especially when the item doesn’t even reach her.

Customers are advised to track their orders from Motherhood Maternity very carefully not only to avoid being charged an extra $15 return fee but to also ensure their package reaches them. However should this trust be broken they can always dropship partner items although a separate fee may be charged by the company.

The company’s poor response to these matters is concerning leading people to write 1-star reviews. Read customer reviews first before making a purchase from Motherhood Maternity this way you can avoid a terrible experience.

Maternity - Updated: July 29, 2023