What Stores Have Maternity Sections?

Expecting mothers often ask what stores have maternity sections?Finding the right place to shop for your changing body can be a task.

The right maternity clothes not only provide comfort and functionality but also help boost your confidence as your body undergoes incredible changes.

Discover an amazing world of maternity fashion from basic essentials to fashion-forward pieces affordable basics to high-end designer function garments.

But where to find these maternity-specific stores and sections?

Are they in big malls or online and what are the brands to look for?

Choosing maternity clothes isn’t simply about sizing up – it’s about understanding your body’s needs better adapting to new shapes and finding clothes that grow with you through your pregnancy stages.

What Stores Have Maternity Sections

Best Stores

Are you asking “What stores have maternity sections?” From larger retailers to boutique shops you have many options.

Major brands like Motherhood Maternity Isabella Oliver and A Pea In The Pod cater specifically to expectant moms and offer maternity specific styles in a range of price points. They even have sections on their websites dedicated to maternity wear.

Brick-and-mortar shops like H&M Old Navy and Target might have sparse in-store maternity sections but offer wider options online. Also online-only retailers like ASOS and Amazon Wardrobe provide affordable basics you can try at home and return if they don’t fit.

Kohl’s JCPenney Nordstrom and even thrift stores or consignment places like Clothes Mentor provide budget-friendly options for expecting mothers. A uniquely curated shopping experience can be found at Stitch Fix which offers personalized styling for modern parents-to-be with maternity-friendly options.

Trendy Selections

For trend-led pieces turn to online retailers. Brands like ASOS are known for their on-trend maternity options including cute baby shower dresses and formal wear.

Be mindful of shipping and returns but enjoy the diverse fashionable products offered.

Another option for trendsetting moms-to-be is Seraphine. Known for its premium quality fabrics and design they offer sections for various occasions as well as a postpartum line.

For more budget-friendly trendy maternity clothes you can check out PinkBlush.

If sustainability and comfort are priorities check out Lululemon or Girlfriend Collective. Both offer maternity-friendly activewear options.

And for those looking for chic maternity options nothing beats L’Agence– home to below-bump maternity jeans dresses knitwear and more.

Size-Inclusive Options

Whether you’re in the early or late stages of your pregnancy finding size-inclusive maternity clothes can be a challenge. Here’s a list of stores with inclusive maternity sections you should consider:

H&M offers quality maternity wear at affordable prices ranging from XS-L. Its maternity section boasts of fashion-forward clothing suitable for modern parents-to-be.

ASOS is another excellent option for size inclusivity. It offers a vast maternity section with trend-led pieces including event dresses and other comfortable maternity pieces.

Motherhood Maternity also has a vast range of sizes and styles in its maternity section including a plus size section that caters up to 3X.

For those looking for a piece of sustainable activewear gym-fashion giants Lululemon and Girlfriend Collective offer a range of sizes suitable for any stage of pregnancy.

Store like Stitch Fix and Kindred Bravely offer a curated shopping experience with their personalized styling and specific maternity sections.

Stylish Choices

If you are a fashion-forward parent-to-be seeking chic pieces you can rock during your pregnancy these maternity stores got you covered.

Isabella Oliver a UK-based brand known for its organic cotton and responsibly sourced fabrics. You’ll feel pampered with their comfortable fabrics and stylish cuts.

Gap is popular for its maternity denim but also offers a range of pregnancy essentials. Pants shirts dresses – you name it and Gap has it available in their maternity section.

L’Agence has chic maternity options offering a variety of under and over-bump maternity jeans dresses knitwear and foundational pieces to satisfy your style cravings. Their online store also allows for convenience and versatility.

For those looking for a unique blend of style and function A Pea In The Pod is a must-visit. This store offers stylish quality pieces keeping you looking sharp during your pregnancy.

And finally for a highly fashionable maternity experience Seraphine a premium brand known for its excellent quality fabrics and designs has sections for various occasions and a postpartum line.

Affordable Maternity

Many expectant mothers desire fashionable and comfortable maternity wear without breaking the bank. Thankfully a variety of stores offer affordable maternity sections to suit all budgets.

Key names in affordable maternity wear include Motherhood maternity H&M Old Navy and Gap.

Motherhood Maternity offers a vast range of sizes and styles including a section for plus sizes. On the other hand H&M showcases surprising quality and style with a range like XS-L all at affordable prices.

Apart from denim Gap is known for its maternity essentials and a dedicated nursing shop. If you prefer online shopping Amazon Wardrobe provides a service that allows you to try on clothes and pay only for what you keep.

For wider options stores such as Kohl’s JCPenney and Ross also carry affordable maternity clothes. Additionally Consignment shops like Clothes Mentor might carry second-hand maternity pieces that fit your budget.

Even thrift stores can sometimes offer unexpected gems.

Interestingly Stitch Fix offers an online personalized maternity shopping experience that can align with budget-friendly prices. These are just a few options for affordable maternity brands.

A quick google mapping of consignment maternity stores in your major metro area might yield fruitful results.

Remember when shopping for maternity clothes around the fourth month of your pregnancy consider the material for comfort and review the store’s shipping and return policies. Trust recommendations from experienced fashion writers like Frankie Graddon and Byrdie’s Catherine Hufton affirming affordable yet stylish maternity options are available.

Maternity - Updated: July 31, 2023