What’s A Maternity Test?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘what’s a maternity test’ you’re not alone.

A maternity test is a DNA test used to verify if a female is the biological mother of a child.

DNA is collected through a simple buccal (cheek) swab from the alleged mother and child sent to a lab for analysis and within certain business days you receive confidential accurate and PhD-reviewed results.

This scientific evidence may be used for a variety of legal reasons like immigration child custody or adoption.

But while maternity testing seems straightforward is it always 100% accurate?

What'S A Maternity Test

What’s A Maternity Test?

Maternity testing determines if a woman is the biological mother of a child. It’s accomplished by comparing the child’s DNA profile with that of the alleged mother’s.

A test sample often a buccal swab taken from the inside of the cheek is collected and analysed by lab technicians at approved Labcorp-operated facilities.

This process provides an ultimate peace of mind and lifelong assurance for mothers. It can also help adoptees confirm their relationships with biological mothers and can assist with accuracy in in-vitro fertilization cases.

Legal Tests

Legal maternity tests start at $525 and are used for various legal purposes – from child custody and support cases to will/estate settlements and immigration issues. They are court-admissible and known for their accuracy and conclusiveness.

Legal tests involve strict procedures to ensure the integrity of the DNA sample collection. They need to be performed at approved facilities with valid government issued identification required for all participants.

Results can be used as legal proof of maternal link and are usually delivered in 2 business days following the DDC Promise.

  • Appointments are needed for legal tests
  • Legal tests can result in court-admissible PHD-Reviewed Results
  • Results of legal tests can be used in USCIS immigration cases

At-Home Tests

The at-home maternity test is a non-legal procedure that can be done conveniently at home. It begins by ordering a kit which is delivered in FedEx packaging.

  • The kit contains everything needed for sample collection.
  • This includes a buccal swab that is used to collect a DNA sample from the cheek.
  • After collection the sample is returned to the lab in a prepaid envelope.

The results of the at-home maternity test are completely confidential. However they are not court admissible making them unsuitable for legal purposes.

Informational Maternity

Under the umbrella of at-home tests one common type is the Informational Maternity test. This test helps to establish if a woman is the suspected child’s biological mother.

  • The DNA samples for the test are typically obtained using a buccal swab.
  • The swab is rubbed on the inside of the cheek to gather cells for around 30 seconds.
  • These samples are then processed by Labcorp-operated facilities.

Results are typically ready within one business day offering a quick turn-around for those seeking personal knowledge of maternity.

Still like other at-home DNA tests these results are not admissible in a court of law.

The Ddc Promise

The DDC Promise sets a commitment for delivering accurate and reliable maternity DNA test results within just two business days.

This quick turnaround time enables mothers alleged mothers and the involved child to obtain scientific evidence and confirmation of their biological relationship promptly.

For those who need results even sooner DDC provides an option for same-day or next-day results at an additional fee.

In addition to this DDC offers DNA collection services at over 1900 Labcorp-operated facilities in the US and 13000 worldwide or even at home for non-legal tests.

With such a strong network you can easily schedule an appointment for DNA-sample collection at the most convenient location for you.

The DDC Promise also reflects a commitment to privacy and confidentiality. Your maternity test results will be completely confidential and delivered to your secure online account.

These results can then be used for various legal purposes such as child custody or support and even immigration as DDC tests are recognized by USCIS and other government agencies.

Furthermore if the test is taken for personal knowledge please bear in mind that it’s not court admissible. However it provides peace of mind for mothers and children seeking to confirm their biological relationships.

The DDC Promise backed by experienced PhDs lab technicians and a trusted brand name highlights the company’s commitment to provide reliable fast and confidential maternity testing services.

Maternity - Updated: August 2, 2023