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When to Announce a Second Pregnancy

Expecting your second child is a special time in life. Whether the pregnancy was planned or a surprise, you may be wondering when to announce it.

Early announcers may be faced with announcing to the world that they’ve suffered a miscarriage. Late announcers may feel that waiting is the practical choice because they feel unsure of their decision on whether to continue the pregnancy or if they want to place their child up for adoption.

When To Announce It?

Knowing when to announce your pregnancy is a personal decision that will depend entirely upon your own comfort level.

The right time to announce is the time when you personally think it’s right. Many mothers-to-be find themselves wondering when they should start letting those around them know and may not know how to make that decision for themselves.

Whether you want to enjoy the privacy of keeping your pregnancy to yourself or you want to sing it to the world, you’ve got options and each has its benefits.

When you choose to announce your pregnancy, there are probably several factors that go through your mind. How will other people take the news? Do you need to announce it early to explain certain situations? Do you want to spend most of your pregnancy being celebrated? Do you want to keep it to yourself out of an abundance of caution? All of these are valid considerations.

Early Announcers in the First Trimester

Early announcers are those who announce their pregnancy before the 12-week mark. Some women are hesitant to announce their pregnancy in the first trimester because they are afraid of losing their pregnancies and having to explain that in the future to those that they announced to. However, others choose to celebrate their pregnancies as early as the moment when they see those two pink lines on the stick. Women commonly choose to announce early for several different reasons.

They’re Excited to Share the News

Some women are simply excited about the news and want to share it. And of course, this is perfectly acceptable! This is a good enough reason to announce the pregnancy. You have the right to celebrate your pregnancy whenever you decide to do so.

Morning Sickness Gives Them Away

It’s estimated that 85% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, but only 3% suffer from severe nausea and vomiting. Known as hyperemesis gravidarum, some women find themselves vomiting more often and for longer than most other women. These women may have to explain that they don’t have a stomach bug– they’re simply pregnant and vomiting.

They’re Expecting an IVF Baby

When women get in-vitro fertilization (IVF), they may have already told people that they were trying to do so. There are many appointments, bloodwork, and treatment that must be taken during the process, and this can cause women to disclose that they are trying to get pregnant. When everyone already knows that she has tried IVF anyway, it’s natural to share the results early on as well.

They Have a History of Losses

Though counterintuitive, some women with a history of losses want to share their pregnancies as soon as they know. Some women want that emotional support that would come with informing others about that beautiful, yet difficult time in their life, while other women may want their pregnancies acknowledged, living by the idea of celebrating every day that they are pregnant. This is a very personal decision that women with a history of loss have to make for themselves.

They Need Help Related to the Pregnancy

Some women may find themselves suddenly needing someone present for childcare for their older child when they need to attend their OB appointments and ultrasounds. This can cause some people to spill the beans a bit earlier than they may have otherwise done out of necessity.

They Need Accommodations at Work

Some women work in environments that may not be very safe with their pregnancy. They may find themselves lifting heavy objects, or using chemicals that they aren’t supposed to touch, or otherwise putting themselves at risk. These women may need to disclose their pregnancies early on to get accommodations at work.

Halfway Announcers in the Second Trimester

The 12-week mark is commonly recognized as that moment of safety when the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. This marks the end of the first trimester, which is when most miscarriages occur. By the 12-week mark, the risk of pregnancy loss falls to 5%, where it remains for the duration of your pregnancy. Many women traditionally choose to wait until the end of the first trimester or during the second trimester to announce their pregnancy. This is considered the norm for announcements, especially when there is a history of loss.

They’re More Comfortable with Their Pregnancy

Many women feel that after the 12-week mark, they are safe to announce their pregnancy to the world. They may feel more comfortable with the idea of telling other people once they’ve already gotten an ultrasound and preliminary bloodwork done.

After Getting the Anatomy Scan

Some women wait until after their anatomy scan to announce, at which point they know how their baby is developing. The anatomy scan happens between 18 and 22 weeks, and as a bonus, they can usually find out whether they are expecting a boy or girl at this scan.

Alternatively, the anatomy scan may reveal some news that might not be expected, and these women may want to start asking for help or start planning for a birth and a child that may not be quite what they expected. There could be complications detected that they want to start building up a support network for.

They Can’t Hide Their Bump

The baby bump usually begins to poke out between weeks 12 and 16, depending upon the body type and size of the individual and how she carries. However, as the pregnancy progresses, she may be visibly pregnant, causing her to announce the pregnancy sooner than she may have liked.

They Need Help

Some women find themselves needing increasing levels of help as their bodies change. They might need help moving furniture around or preparing for the baby, or they want to start putting together a plan for childcare during the birth.

Late Announcers in the Third Trimester or After Birth

Some women choose to announce their pregnancies during the third trimester or after their child has been born. This is also a valid decision that some women choose to make. Women who announce later in pregnancy usually want privacy or to avoid the attention that usually comes along with being pregnant. They may have all sorts of reasons for wanting that privacy and those should be respected.

They Have a History of Loss

While some women choose to announce pregnancies early with a history of loss, others choose to avoid mentioning their pregnancies until they are almost certain they will be bringing a baby home. They may have shared before and found themselves struggling with the process of telling everyone that they had lost the pregnancy, so they choose to protect themselves by not announcing immediately.

They Want to Avoid Workplace Discrimination

While discrimination due to pregnancy is illegal, it still happens. Some women, when they’re trying to get a promotion or are attempting to get a new job, may choose not to disclose their pregnancy right away. There can be a lot of discrimination surrounding pregnancy in the workplace as employers start seeing the woman as a liability more than an asset. By not announcing, the issue is temporarily avoided.

They Aren’t Sure How They Feel About the Pregnancy

Some people choose not to announce until later because they are undecided about what they want the outcome to be. Some women may be grappling with whether they intend to carry to term or whether they want to parent at all and by keeping their pregnancy under wraps until they have decided, they are free to make their decisions without influence or opinions from other people.

When Should I Announce a Pregnancy?

When it comes down to it, choosing the right time for you will be entirely personal. You will have to weigh the benefits of announcing at different times with the risks that go with them. However, no matter what anyone else says, your pregnancy is yours to announce when you are ready to share the news.

The right time for you will be different than the right time for other people, and that’s okay! What’s important is that you get to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy as stress-free as possible and that includes having that say over your announcement.

Some people also choose to reveal their pregnancy to different people at different times, and that’s acceptable as well. If you want to tell your parents or closest friends early on for support but wait until later to tell your workplace or make it official on social media for acquaintances, that’s acceptable as well. The right time for you is the time when you feel comfortable with the announcement.

Maternity - Updated: February 22, 2021