Start Buying Maternity Bras

When to Start Buying Maternity Bras

Women tend to assume that they are ready to buy maternity bras because they have been buying fashion bras (normal bras) for a couple of years. However, pregnancy bras are a whole other ball game that is different from fashion bras. You should consider yourself a rookie if you are on your first pregnancy.

Before you go shopping for a maternity bra, forget everything you know about regular bras and focus on this article’s information. Going shopping with the mentality of buying a fashionable bra will make you choose the wrong bra. This article provides everything you need to know before you start window shopping for maternity bras.

What is Maternity Bras?

Maternity bras are specifically made for pregnant and nursing mothers who need extra support for their boobs. Breasts tend to grow up to four cup sizes during pregnancy, and you need good support. Maternity bras have several features that make them distinct from a fashion bra. They are made out of soft and stretchy fabrics for starters to ensure that a mother is comfortable all day.

Pregnancy bras are more expensive than regular bras because the design meets a specific target. The bras’ purpose is to offer support to pregnant mothers and provide easy access for nursing mothers. Moreover, you will be buying a flexible bra that won’t be pinching you anywhere as your breasts change in preparation for breastfeeding.

When to Start Buying Maternity Bras

Ideally, it would be best to start looking for maternity bras during your first trimester because you will need one from around 16 weeks. You can start wearing one as soon as you notice bruising on your boobs or when your breasts start spilling out of their cups. Another way to know that you are ready for maternity bras is when the bra’s center doesn’t lie flat.

The first maternity bras will be for support and comfort. It is not a good idea to keep on wearing fashion bras once your boobs start enlarging. Shopping in advance saves you from buying the wrong maternity bras for you because you were in a rush.

You can browse various stores and look at different designs before you select your new bras. Also, you can consult an expert to get advice on the best maternity bras for you. Therefore, you need to save up for new maternity bras as soon as you realize that you will have a baby.

Mothers have to shop for maternity bras at different stages of their pregnancy and after giving birth. Some mothers may have to buy new ones during the first trimester, but you must buy some during the second and third trimester. After giving birth, wait for about four months before you go and buy new nursing bras for your new size.

What to Look for When Buying One

Buying the right maternity bras is something that you should set aside ample time to do. There are a few features that make pregnancy bras excellent. It is crucial that you resign because you will be buying the bras to use for a couple of months. Don’t feel shy to buy three or more pregnancy bras whenever you go to the store. Here are some of the things to look for when buying pregnancy bras.

Get the Right Size

Maternity bras are flexible, and they can accommodate the changes in the breasts of a pregnant mother. Most of them have a soft, stretch material that offers support and has enough to keep you comfy for a few months. You can go to a store that specializes in maternity bras to get fitted by a professional. It is the best option, and you will end up with the right maternity bras for you.

Alternatively, you can take your measurements at home to get the size of bras you need. Use a soft tape measure or something flexible like a ribbon. Measure your size under the boob and directly on your rib cage. Ensure that the tape measure doesn’t fit snugly under your boobs. Round over the measurements to the nearest even number and write it down. Measure the fullest part of your boobs, and make sure that the tape measure fits snugly.

The measurements for the under boob represent your band size. Therefore, if your measurement is 36 inches, that is the band appropriate for you. Take the measurement of your fullest part and less the measurement of under your breasts. The resulting number will be your bra cup. A difference of 1″ is an A cup, 2″ is a B cup, 3″ is a C cup, and so on. Remember that the sizes will change as the pregnancy progresses, and you will need new measurements the next time you shop for maternity bras.


The last thing you need when adjusting to pregnancy changes is wearing a bra that pinches you in weird places or having your breasts pocking out of the bra. Maternity bras are designed for comfort, and they do not come with an underwire. As your belly grows, an underwire will be pressing to your breasts, and it may block your milk ducts. Look for a soft fabric against your skin because pregnancy tends to make breasts and nipples sensitive. A stiff fabric can make you uncomfortable during the day, and you may start experiencing pain in your breasts.

Finally, find designs and colors that make you feel good about yourself. Don’t go for drab designs that will make you not feel sexy when you look in the mirror. Also, you will need different varieties of bras for different activities. Choose designs that compliment your current wardrobe so that you have something to wear under every outfit.

You need to test the comfort of the bras when you are in different positions. Please sit down, stand, bend, lie down, walk around, or reach up to feel how the pregnancy bras will feel when you wear them a whole day. If you notice any discomfort, you need to try something else. Don’t try to buy bras bigger because sizes in pregnancy bras account for changes in size.


Breasts can grow up to four cup sizes when you a pregnant, which is heavier than what you have. It is imperative to ensure you get the right support when you purchase pregnancy bras. Your boobs shouldn’t overflow on the top or sides when you wear a pregnancy bra. Buy bras with cups that can accommodate your boobs. The bras of choice shouldn’t leave a space between the cup and your breasts.

Test the straps to ensure that they are not pinching into your shoulders. You will need wider straps when you are selecting an ideal bra. Sleeping bras should be softer while providing adequate supports.

What Not to Do

There are a few don’ts that you should steer clear of whenever you are looking for maternity bras. Never buy larger fashion bras in the hopes of saving a few dollars instead of shopping for maternity or nursing bras. Your comfort is worth every dollar you spend to buy maternity bras, even when you use them for two months only.

Never buy cheap maternity bras because you don’t see the need to spend a lot of cash. Select maternity bras because they work for you and not for the price tag. Each woman is different, and you may not experience a big change in your cup size. Take everything in stride and find the best fit for your new breast size.

Don’t buy maternity bras without getting a second opinion the first time around. Maternity stores have an expert to assist expectant moms. Department stores do have someone to help moms pick the right bras. Ask for help or a second opinion to make sure you don’t miss anything.

When Should You Buy Nursing Bras?

Maternity bras mean all bras women need pregnant or breastfeeding. However, some pregnancy bras are not suitable for breastfeeding. Nursing bras should allow you to feed your little one, no matter easily. You can choose to buy nursing bras when you are eight months pregnant, in your third trimester instead of pregnancy bras.

The ideal time to buy a nursing bra is about four months after giving birth, when you have a good estimate of the size of your boobs. Some women experience some enlargement after giving birth, rendering nursing bras bought before birth useless. You won’t be going outside a lot in the first three months. The maternity bras you buy when your baby is four months should keep you comfy when you go back to work.

Most nursing bras can accommodate breast size changes throughout the day as breasts fill up with milk. It would help if you shopped for nursing bras at lunchtime, before breastfeeding, when your breasts are full. That way, you will end up with comfortable bras even when your boobs are full of breast milk.


Shopping for maternity bras is nothing like shopping for fashion bras, and moms shouldn’t compare the two. It would be best if you went to a store specializing in maternity wear when fitting for a maternity bra for the first time. Be ready to spend a decent amount of cash for your new inner-wear. Also, save up because you will make a couple of visits to stores to buy maternity bras before and after birth.

Overall, maternity bras help women feel comfortable with the new breast sizes as the body prepares for the little one. Try out various designs to ensure you have choices to go with your various outfits. Take your time shopping until you find comfortable bras because you will be in one day and night for the better part of your pregnancy.

Maternity - Updated: February 22, 2021