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When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

You are pregnant. Your whole body will begin to change, and this implies that it will have new needs, and this includes wearing maternity clothes.

This is not merely a whim. It is one more essential element for a healthy pregnancy.

When to start wearing maternity clothes?

As we know, this is a significant concern of expectant moms; we will address this in this post, so read on to find out.

What Are Maternity Clothes?

During nine months, your body will undergo many changes. The changes of women during pregnancy are physical and hormonal. Above all, your belly will grow little by little, your hips will widen, and your chest will increase; With these changes, your wardrobe will also be transformed.

To show off your belly, you can find comfort and look elegant in maternal clothes. Perhaps you are one of those who do not take it with the “fashions” or with the “outfits,” but every woman likes to look pretty, we know that you will look for the best. Maternity clothes are not far from this because many fashionista mothers have created comfortable and cute clothes, such as dresses for pregnant women.

Outfits for pregnant women are part of a stage in a woman’s life where they feel more swollen and have general discomforts. A stage that should not exactly pass it unkempt.

Do You Need Maternity Clothes?

Besides providing style and modernity to your pregnant body, maternity clothing is also essential for your comfort. Thanks to these garments specially designed for you, you can have a calmer pregnancy, since you will be more comfortable and you will move better, reducing the risks.

These are the reasons why you need maternity clothes:

  1. Protect your intimate area: wear the maternity clothing size that is best for you. Cotton garments are the most suitable for taking care of your V zone. Make sure your underwear is not too tight to reduce the risk of vaginal infections.
  2. Take care of your back: when the belly grows, your back and kidneys suffer. The maternity clothes offer you support so that your body does not suffer. Choose maternity bras, as well as girdles that help you support the weight of your abdomen.
  3. Not to stretch marks or varicose veins: maternity clothes are characterized by adjusting to your body without oppressing it. It is not advisable to wear narrow clothes in pregnancy because it can accentuate stretch marks. It is comfortable and versatile. All these characteristics are essential to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins due to poor blood circulation.
  4. Less heat: garments made with natural fibers allow your skin to breathe much better. This supposes a reduction of the corporal temperature. That is to say, more effectively combat the typical hot flashes of pregnancy. On the other hand, the natural fibers of these garments prevent irritations and itching on your skin.
  5. Freedom of movement: another reason you should wear maternity clothes is that a pregnant woman has to deal with her little one’s weight inside her belly. This means a growing belly that limits your movements. Maternity clothes allow you greater freedom of movement, thus avoiding possible trips and even falls.
  6. Don’t forget your shoes: maternity clothes also include choosing comfortable shoes for pregnant women that won’t squeeze your feet. Keep in mind that this part of the body tends to swell during pregnancy due to fluid retention. On the other hand, it is essential that you avoid high heels and switch to comfortable shoes, but not for that reason, less elegant.
  7. Medical visits: when you have to go to your check-ups with the gynecologist, it is better to be prepared. Maternity clothes are designed to make this task easier. You will be able to take it off and put it on much better than conventional garments.
  8. It’s trendy: You no longer have excuses to say that maternity clothes are ugly. Fashion firms include special collections for expectant mothers of different styles. Find yours and enjoy pregnancy fashion.

If it’s cold outside you should be looking for maternity coats. In the summer time you can buy maternity skirts.

When to Start Wearing Them?

Are you old clothes uncomfortable? This is exactly the stage at which most women start wearing maternity clothes.

At what stage of pregnancy does this occur? It will be based on your individual needs and dress style preferences. You can decide when is the time.

There are no guidance rules, but there are a few things to consider to help you prepare for your new clothes.

  • Each woman and each pregnancy are different, but, in general, during the first trimester of pregnancy, most women’s weight does not vary. However, the chest contour does tend to increase at that stage, so the lingerie is undoubtedly the first thing you have to change. Simultaneously, clothes specially designed for pregnant women are usually used from the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • At the end of the third month of pregnancy, the waist is lost. The clothes that were used up to that moment are uncomfortable, tightening. It may not even be possible to fasten the buttons or close the zipper.
  • From the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy – it depends on how each woman’s body evolves and the weight she gains during pregnancy – it is necessary to purchase maternity clothes.

Sometimes some moms need to buy maternity clothes in advance. If it is their second pregnancy, it can be noticed before or even when we talk about multiple pregnancies. If you expect two babies, find out when the tummy looks like in a twin pregnancy and note all the details.

If you want to stay healthy, you can start doing yoga. There are even maternity yoga pants that you can buy.

What to Look for When Picking One?

During pregnancy, your body undergoes changes. The belly grows so that the baby has room, you have bigger breasts, and it can even increase the shoe size.

For this reason, you may have to incorporate a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that adapts to the new silhouette and with which you continue to feel beautiful. During pregnancy, you can continue with your style. However, now comfort and well-being will be the most important criteria when choosing clothes.

Make a list

Take an inventory of your closet to know what you can keep wearing and what you will need for the next few months. Your purchases will depend on certain factors such as your personal style and the time of year in which your pregnancy will be most apparent.

Make your list considering what you will require for each stage of pregnancy. In the first trimester, it is not necessary to buy anything for the final stage; it is preferable to wait to see how much your tummy will grow. Avoid the temptation to buy everything at once, do it gradually.

Natural fibers

During pregnancy, the skin, especially the abdomen, is more sensitive. This is why the cotton fabrics and natural fibers, breathable and without labels, will save you irritations, making you feel lighter.

Keep your style

The type of piece you choose will depend on your personal style. Although dresses tend to be more comfortable, some mothers prefer the use of pants.

Pay attention to the waist

Whatever your choice, it is vital to find the model that best suits your needs, paying particular attention to the waist. There are various possibilities for clothing to adapt to the body during the gestation period.

There are pieces of clothing that allow you to enlarge the waist employing buttonholes and buttons, and others with a kind of elastic band that covers the belly without feeling pressure.

Timing of pregnancy

Although it is important not to rush to prepare maternity clothes, you can foresee what seasons and climatic characteristics will happen during your pregnancy to buy pieces that can serve you during a good season.

The sizes

Choosing the sizes will not be too complicated. Maternity clothes usually have the same numbering as regular clothes. So you can buy the size you typically use. The size may change depending on the brand and model. In this sense, it will be useful for you to spend some time trying on the clothes you like.


As far as shoes are concerned, you may need one more size, as the foot can grow or swell during pregnancy. A shoe that fits the footwell will help you avoid falls. A heel of two or three centimeters is usually more comfortable and recommended.


As for the underwear, it will be important that it does not tighten your belly or oppress your breasts. If it is made with natural fabrics, it will help you avoid sweating. Usually, you will need bras a few sizes up. They will be more comfortable without underwire, different positions for the contour, and resistant and wide straps.

When the due date is approaching, it can be useful to have nursing bras.

Versatile clothing

Avoid buying garments of strident colors or for special situations, and opt for neutral colors. It will be easier for you to combine your wardrobe.

Now that you know all the information about when to start wearing maternal clothes, remember that you should have your own criteria. Ideally, when you no longer feel comfortable, or your clothes are tight, you start buying maternity clothes, excellent for your day-to-day at this stage.

Maternity - Updated: February 24, 2021