when to take maternity photos

When To Take Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments for a couple, especially for a mother, who, over the course of 9 months, sees her baby bump grow.

During this time, a woman lives a precious and intimate experience that is unique and unrepeatable. Immortalizing this experience in photos is a great idea as well as an endearing experience that you can keep forever.

Want to know more? In this post, we explain to you when to take maternity photos and what they mean to you. Read on!

But first, what is a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity photography is a photoshoot done during the pregnancy of the mom-to-be. The photoshoot usually lasts about a couple of hours and can be done outdoors, in the studio, or at home. Taking photographs outdoors, perhaps in a park or on the hills, will allow you to take advantage of natural light.

During winter, the photo session can be done in a studio, where you can also have fun playing with special fabrics or arrangements. Also, you can prefer to have memories of the pregnancy to happen inside your home. Here, you will have all the privacy you want and the convenience of not even having to move.

When to take maternity photos.

The best moment to take maternity photos will be when you feel physically and emotionally well to be able to do it and enjoy it. Every pregnancy is different. So don’t be guided by what you have seen or heard. Choose the best moment for you.

The best time to do the photo session should be between weeks 28 to 32, which is approximately the seventh month of pregnancy. However, everything will depend on whether it is a single or twin pregnancy, how the pregnancy itself is, your weight and proportions, etc. If you prefer to do it before the 28th week, there is no problem. But don’t wait until the last weeks of pregnancy as you will feel more tired, bloated, and less mobile.

Also, for the result of your pregnancy photo session to be the desired one, you must plan in advance to take care of every detail.

Which day is better? In the studio, outdoors, or at home? What style? Posing half-naked, with look changes or a mix? Together with your photographer, he will study your situation well to choose the date, place, style, and a long list of options so that the session fits you perfectly.

Scheduling in advance will help to design the session in detail so that you can slowly organize clothes, accessories, props and make an appointment at your beauty salon for make-up, manicures, and hairdressing. Remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience of the moments.

Why have a maternity photoshoot?

Since pregnancy is a unique and special moment in the life of every woman. Photographing these moments is a way to immortalize each one of them. Thinking about it? Here are some reasons why you should have maternity photos. Check out:

Beautiful memories of pregnancy

You may not be sure about this right now, but if you don’t do photoshoots when you are pregnant, you will miss out on the opportunity to create beautiful memories for a lifetime. You can’t repeat it because every pregnancy has a story to tell. Photos evoke memories, feelings, and emotions. Photos make you remember everything more clearly.

You look beautiful when pregnant

You may feel fatigued, nauseous, and in pain during pregnancy, but what other people see is a woman who brings new life into the world. Pregnancy is about beauty, admiration for many people, and also for you. Some women will even feel jealous of you. Remember that no matter how much you think your appearance is, a professional maternity photographer will easily portray the beauty, love, and femininity of your pregnancy.

Photo Sessions Are Fun

Photography has the power to increase your self-esteem, making you even more beautiful, valuing your belly. Choosing a good outfit, make-up, and a smile make all the difference. Make sure the photographer you choose has experience in maternity photos. Ordinary photographers generally don’t have the same creative ideas and are not suitable for pregnant women.

A chance to bond with your partner

For the dad-to-be, it can be difficult for him to bond with the unborn baby. This is because the baby is developing inside you, and you can feel all the warmth and admiration when it happens, but your partner can’t feel it. Therefore, including the dad-to-be in pregnancy photos can help him bond a little more with the baby, apart from giving him a special memory too.

It’s fun and bonding with your other kids

If you have children, they will feel special to be a part of your maternity photo, hug and kiss your belly, and show love with the baby. This helps them to feel important, as they will one day say, “I was there when my little sister/brother was in your stomach.” Therefore, maternity photos with older children are a great way to give fun and excitement to changes in the family.

It only happens once

There are only a few months in your life for each pregnancy when you have a big belly that is very visible and adorable. That period will pass, and the fond memories of that pregnancy will fade away. It seems that no one regrets having undergone a pregnancy photo session. But many people regret not doing it.

What to wear for a maternity photoshoot

Are you having trouble choosing which clothes to use for your maternity photoshoot? Defining the style and what clothes you will wear in the session is very important because it will make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Above all, you have to choose clothes with which you feel good because the projected attitude in front of the camera will be critical. Here are four tips to help you with the choice of clothes:

Comfortable clothes and shoes

Maternity photos are usually done between the 28th and the 32nd week so that you are still feeling super good, flexible, and comfortable. But to help with the photoshoot, remember that you will bend down and get up a few times. So it is very important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that your feet don’t get swollen.

Clothes that enhance the belly (and the rest of the body)

That’s the hard part. Everyone wants a comfortable and beautiful outfit, but choosing is not an easy task. So, the first thing you need to remember is that the belly does not need to be showing up in all the photos of your maternity photos.

Wearing a tight maternity dress, which highlights all your beautiful curves, looks absolutely stunning. Also, long dresses that cover the belly tend to enhance the look greatly. Just choose a fabric that marks the belly (and it doesn’t even have to be tight). Know that if you choose the right dress, you will certainly look great. It is always advisable to carry two or three pieces and/or sets of clothes.

Lastly, don’t forget to hide or disguise parts of your body that you don’t like very much. If you think your arms are fuller during pregnancy, just choose a look with a cuff or put a blouse on top.

Neutral colors for the pregnant test

Neutral colors are usually much more pleasant in photos. Clothes with a lot of prints can take attention away from the belly. However, this does not mean that you can only wear white clothes in your photoshoot. The ideal is that you choose neutral and clear pieces, but a colored piece can also compose very well. A blue blouse when you want to advertise a boy or a pink piece when your baby is a girl can also combine well with other neutral pieces, in addition to bringing joy to your shoot.

Clothes that have your style

And now the most important tip: respect your style. There is no point in having a wonderful maternity photoshoot, and you don’t recognize yourself in the photos. The most important thing about your photo session is that you have real memories of that special moment. So be who you are, break the rules and be happy.

Lastly, if you dare with a nude or semi-nude photo session, you can use a garment or piece of fabric, an elegant silhouette. Also, keep your selection of jewelry and accessories simple so that the focus of your photos is on your belly.


If you haven’t done it yet, it’s the right time to take pictures of your beautiful pregnant belly. Don’t be afraid, we all look good in photos. This is precisely the skill of a maternity photographer, being able to capture the beauty of you in one shot.

Finally, remember that a good photographer must have a vision of that moment that is the same as yours. Choose a professional that will make you feel comfortable, at ease, and fulfilled with the final result. Feeling beautiful and confident is definitely a plus when you have photos of your belly taken.

Maternity - Updated: February 22, 2021